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Ossa-Sepia cast cufflinks hexagon handcrafted from 925 blackened sterling silver.

An unusual hexagonal shape. The blackened silver and the unmistakable surface pattern of the Ossa-Sepia cast is an absolute rarity. 


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Approximate dimensions of the top: height 1.6 cm, width 1.8 cm, depth 0.2 cm
Approximate weight: 6g per cufflink
Cast fixed clasp also made of 925 sterling silver 1.3 cm


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During the production process, liquid silver is poured into the mold, and then it has to cool down. This creates the filigree pattern that is as unique as your fingerprint. The shape can withstand the heat for only a few seconds, and then it crumbles at the end of the process.

The Ossa-Sepia casting technique has been used since ancient times and is a long process. At least one mold needs to be built per workpiece, which becomes unusable after the casting process.

Special Instructions

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Silver is a natural product and will oxidize by air over time. In order to maintain the radiant shine of the products, we recommend a silver cleaning cloth for regular care and cleaning.

The product may be slightly different from the picture, as we work uniquely with natural materials, and handmade these can differ in shape and color. For this reason, the dimensions and weights can also vary slightly.