About us

As diverse as jewelry products are, diverse are also the occasions in which different pieces of jewelry are worn. Our pieces are not only decorative items. 
They preserve memories, connect generations, create family values.

Morent Berlin offers high-quality, hand-crafted luxury German cufflinks. Since 2015, we have
been continuously working to make our brand better known and to further establish it.

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Our Story

Originally we started as a family company: two siblings from Germany who spent years trying to find individual and unique cufflinks not available in every online shop, every luxury boutique or shopping street. They realized that finding this kind of cufflinks was not easy. So they had an idea to fill this gap. This idea became a concept, this concept became Morent Exclusive Accessoires Berlin.

Nowadays Morent Berlin is being led by a new marketing team, and we are ready to present to you our new style. Our standards and quality remain the very same, the desire for exclusive individuality determines our thinking, acting and decisions. With our specially handmade products, we offer you incredible designer pieces that will make your style elegant and unique.

We personally stand by each and every one of our pieces.
We love what we do!