Handmade luxuxy cufflinks.

Our Designers

Our designers and our selected goldsmiths from Germany carry a passion for handicraft. This is reflected in the details of all our extraordinary cufflinks. That's why it's important for us to show you the people behind our products. They work with devotion and quality in combination with exquisite materials turning all cufflinks into small works of art. 

Here we invite you to get to know the person behind your jewels.
We hope the work of our goldsmiths will inspire you!

Anke Kleefeld.

Anke Kleefeld

Anke particularly appreciates the handling of noble materials, as well as stones, the process of making them from simple sheet metal and wire, to the finished piece of jewelry fills her with pride and satisfaction.


Jenny Paris 

Jenny is both a trained goldsmith and a trained jewelry designer. In her works, nature finds its poetic transformation, giving its workpieces vitality and naturally.

East Asian inspiration.

Young-Sun Kim-Schnupp

The creation of good design, products of formal clarity and stylishly thought out shapes is the passion of the artist. The holistic philosophy of life of her East Asian homeland is her inspiration.